Eda arts


Short Bio

I am college graduate Florida born and raised and I promote healing through art.


All Images/ Paintings are hand painted by me!


My name is  Dorothy Senat the founder of Eda-Arts LLC which was created in February 2018. A series of things occurred within that year that influenced me to create this art business but one traumatic experience helped me to realize that there is tranquility and healing through art. This traumatic experience led me into a depressive state where I felt like I lost control.  I was inspired by two people to advance my drawing into paintings and one person who poured business knowledge into me to create this business. I have been painting on everything from faces to clothing ever since.


 Eda Arts was mostly created to spread healing to those who request my services. My services include hosting paint parties where I provide all the supplies and teach my clients how to paint a piece that could be placed in their household, or workspace. I believe that when you create something that could be placed in your home it has more of an impact on how you see yourself creatively. My services also include art on clothing and acrylic on canvas and paint night boxes. Thank you for this platform to share what I love and hope to do  I hope to spread healing through art.